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benefits for one year. president obama said he would have preferred a grand bargain that solved all of washington's revenue and spending problems. >> with this congress, that was obviously too many to hope for at this time. [ laughter ] >> maybe we can do it in stages. >> reporter: negotiations have been going on all day. lawmakers and aides are moving back and forth between meeting rooms on capitol hill on what is normally a quiet new year's eve. the sticking point is spending. the president said to take action on deficit reduction in the next few months and more tax revenue could be involved in those discussions but republicans are furious at that possibility. >> i'm willing to support revenues to deal with this overall problem but what i will not agree to using revenues to replace spending reductions. >> reporter: even in the senate
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approves the deal by midnight, the house has to pass it. once the deal is done, what will it mean to you and your family's finances? cbs 5 reporter grace lee with the consequences of a compromise. >> reporter: this deal is not official until both houses pass it and it's signed by the president. outlined at this point it's clear at least when it comes to your taxes. so most middle and low-income families should be spared the bulk of those tax increases. but most of us are going to be paying something extra to the irs in 2013. >> keep in mind just last month republicans in congress said they would never agree to raise tax rates on the wealthiest americans. obviously the agreement is currently being discussed would raise those rates and raise them permanently. now -- [ applause ] >> yeah! [ applause ] >> but guess what. you may not get any more revenue. you may not get any more economic growth but you can say i stuck it to the rich people. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the blame game is in full lot
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tole with with just a few hours left before we take the "fiscal cliff" plunge at midnight eastern time. >> i'm willing to get this done. i need a dance partner. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell have been trying to hammer out a last-minute agreement. they have agreed on a few issues, but both sides are making concessions. if the deal passes? >> it looks like democrats will keep popular items like a five-year extension on the child tax credit. it's for workers who do not earn enough to pay income taxes. also, the refundable credit for parents who have kids going to college should stay in place. that would help families pay for tuition costs that continue to rise across the nation. and for healthcare providers who treat medicare patients, about $30 billion will be expected to help pay the costs for at least one more year. but what most of us will have to pay, the payroll tax for social security. it is going up 2% starting
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tomorrow and that means if you earn $100,000 a year, you'll pay an extra $2,000 next year out of your paycheck. so it is possible but not probable that the senate will voted. the house is scheduled to reconvene tomorrow at noon so we are definitely going over the "fiscal cliff." however, we have a little bit of a grace period. the markets are closed tomorrow for the holiday. and those spending cuts are scheduled for january 2. but still, not a lot of time to mitigate all the effects of the "fiscal cliff." i'm grace lee, cbs 5. amazingly the stock market didn't step off a cliff. in fact, the dow ended higher today. supposedly based on hope that a deal would be reached. it closed out 2012 with a 7% gain. nasdaq and s&p 500 also ended higher. new details tonight in the murder of a teenaged girl in oakland over the weekend.
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she has been identified by oakland police as 15-year-old jubrill jordan. she was killed and a 14-year- old boy wounded near 66 and lion yesterday as they walked to a nearby bart station. witnesses say the shooter was also a teenager possibly as young as 13. >> my grand kid come to my house every, single day, kid they like to go to places, to friends' house, they take off though their little friends house and these fools out here killing each other. it's not right. >> the shooting brings oakland's homicide total to 131 for the year a 27% increase from last year. remember all that christmas shopping that you did? good timing. as cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us, what you bought last week will cost more starting tomorrow. reporter: the city of el cerrito where city hall closes for a week at christmastime and where u.p.s. notices gather has the dubious
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distinction of having the highest sales tax in california. >> even if it's one penny it's 5% so it's going to add up. we spend a lot. we have young kids. i'm 21 and i spend money like it's nothing. >> reporter: i know when she spends money like it's nothing she is going to spend an extra quarter of a cent every time she spends a dollar, a penny for every four dollars. >> is that a big deal? >> nobody likes it. i guess if it has to be it has to be. >> reporter: this manager of a local tire store is not worried. governor brown's prop 30 raised taxes and hits starting tomorrow. el cerrito and union city had the highest taxes before and they will remain the highest. now at 9.5%. other east bay cities are up in the 9% range with san francisco and san jose among the lowest. >> the general consensus is a quarter percent is not going to make a big difference. >> reporter: to show how tricky it is, steve's tire store is on the el cerrito-richmond border.
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one step can be quite taxing. >> sales taxes here tomorrow 9.5%. sales tax right here tomorrow, 9%. >> reporter: so we're live here at safeway at the del norte bart station. it's mobbed. i'm not sure people are trying to save an extra penny every four dollars. it's new year's eve. but they are getting cheaper goods today and this tax will continue for the next four years. live in el cerrito, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> thank you. some people will have more money to spend come new year's. san francisco's minimum wage will be increased to $10.55 an hour. and that makes it the highest in the u.s. a not guilty plea from a woman accused of killing a pedestrian at san francisco overlook. 23-year-old gina eunice appeared in court today on charges of vehicular manslaughter, dui and hit-and- run. police say her blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. but her attorney insists her
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million-dollar bail is unfair. >> i think it would be really so much better for this family which is not to denigrate what the yao family is going through but for this family to have gina out of custody while she is fighting this case would make a big difference. >> prosecutors say eunice hit three people on christmas tree point road near twin peaks 11 days ago. one died the next day. checking bay area headlines, two people are recovering from an overnight house fire in san francisco's excelsior district. firefighters were called to the 100 block of athens street around 1 a.m. the flames were out in less than 25 minutes but not before doing $400,000 in damage to the to story home. and we are getting our first look at the four people now facing charges in the murder of a silicon valley venture capitalist. along with one woman, three more suspects were arrested over the last few days. a 66-year-old was killed inside his month serrano mansion last
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month. police are not saying how this case came together so quickly. new details could come this week as two suspects are due i court. crowds gathering tonight at america's favorite party venue. we'll go live to times square next. >> there's a lot of people they need help. >> they do. and making a final resolution to help others while helping yourself. what hundreds lined up to do on the last day of 2012. >> and new information about hillary clinton's health. what doctors are revealing about the blood clot that put her in the hospital. good evening, roberta gonzales in the cbs 5 weather center. we do have increasing clouds. take a look at the current conditions and stay with us. we'll tell you just how low it will go for new year's eve celebrations as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow's annual tournamenf roses parade. up to a milli xpected to turn ou well, the streets of pasadena are decked out in red
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and white ahead of tomorrow's annual tournament of roses parade. up to a million people are expected to be there. new this year, the defense department's own float recognizing veterans of the korean war. some of the parade watchers will be heading for the rose bowl to watch stanford take on wisconsin. on the east coast, people in new york city are gearing up for another tradition. as many as a million people will pack into times square to ring in 2013. and cbs reporter edward lawrence is live in manhattan where the big ball drop is less than four hours away. hi, edward. >> reporter: hey, elizabeth. how are you doing? a million of my closest friends have packed into this times square area to watch the ball behind me drop. a number of acts have practiced on stage. the neon trees were one of them. the atmosphere here very electric. you can imagine people here coming from all over the world. we talked to folks from china and from australia who wanted to be here in the cold weather
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just to watch that ball drop. >> whoo! >> reporter: they arrived early. >> 5 a.m. >> 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: from all corners of the world. >> from australia. >> reporter: one million people together braving freezing temperatures to celebrate the start of 2013 in the new year's mecca, times square. >> i love it. cold! >> very exciting though. >> everyone has gone through an extensive security screening from thousands of extra police officers, new york's police commission describing this as the safest place in the world. the most anticipated event of the night, the one-minute long ball drop from high on top of the times building. the giant ball made up of waterford crystals made a practice run earlier. with the sun now down and temperatures around freezing at midnight, the most coveted item is hand warmers. >> they are in here somewhere. yup. >> i just stuck some in my boots and i think the hand warmers are going to save me today. >> reporter: revelers with
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prime spots might also catch a glimpse of tonight's headliners. >> i'm here to see taylor swift. >> reporter: just like taylor swift, many guests say they will never get back here again. >> it's surreal. i can't believe -- i did watch this like every year growing up and so the ball just seems so close to me now. >> reporter: an experience that for many is once in a lifetime. and at the stroke of midnight, a ton of confetti will fall. it has new year's resolutions on it. the clean-up process begins and then 2013 starts. reporting live in times square, cbs 5, back to you, elizabeth. >> lawrence, have fun. by california standards we had a cold start this morning and for some drivers the weather meant trouble. they never saw it coming. >> and life-threatening blood clots. what calls them and the steps you can take to avoid them. ,, ,,
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"playboy" will have a new w hugh hefner is expected to y s fiancee... cry while we ring in the new year the world's most famous playboy will have a new wife. hugh hefner is expected to get married at 86 his third
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marriage. the 26-year-old has already changed her last name on her twitter page. a highly coveted piece of property in the bay area was gone before it hit the auction block. the brand-new belvidere island mansion in marin county was expected to fetch at least $25 million in its auction yesterday. but the developer accepted an offer before it began. the sales price was not revealed. obviously while some are living lavishly, others are struggling just to make due but the end of the year is proving to bring out the best in people. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us why today is so crucial to those in need. >> reporter: good will says it's becoming a tradition to donate just before the end of the year. >> we decided to really celebrate our donors and say thank you for all the support we get during the year. and really turn our truck yard into a party. >> i'll take this one. >> reporter: hundreds of donors dropped off items and cars were lined up along mission street. the first 400 donors were given
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a free movie oar zoo pass. good will says it's the busiest day of the year. >> people might have holiday fatigue so it's a great time to clean out your closets since you have new things. >> reporter: donors were welcomed with bellhops and treated to live music and snacks but they don't come here for the recognition. >> people like me can give to somebody else, we can all share. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown kicked off the donate-a-thon by giving 90 suits from his personal collection. >> mayor willie brown said he donated the suits. i don't have suits but i have housewares to donate so it's for a good cause and it's fun. >> reporter: another draw to donate today, the downfall in the economy and the "fiscal cliff" troubles on capitol hill have people taking a closer look at their tax write-offs. >> this is the last day for tax write-offs. it's not the only reason why i donate but why not? it's a win-win for everybody. >> reporter: the donations will help fund good will's job training and placement programs
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to help the needy get out of poverty. in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. well, if you are heading out to party tonight don't forget you can leave the driving to others. in san francisco, muni offers free rides from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. with some lines running later than usual. in the south bay, all vta bus and light rail is free between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. caltrain is free southbound only beginning at 11 p.m. until 2:15 a.m. bart is not free. but it will be running trains until 3 a.m. and bundle up. it's going to be cold tonight. it was cold last night. and it has been wet. and the combination led to black ice forming on bay area roads. in the north bay a toyota tundra ended up on its side this morning. the driver says he was going less than 30 miles an hour on petaluma boulevard when he lost control and ran off the road. he wasn't seriously hurt. same story different place. the east bay the chp said black ice caused two crashes on san pablo dam road between richmond
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and orinda. they happened within about 100 feet of each other. nobody was hurt there either. and some more chilly conditions are expected the next couple of days. make sure you bring your coat. this is the high-def doppler radar. >> i can't stop giggling. elizabeth, look at this gentleman right there. do you know the first time i met him and worked with him? 1984! >> don't keep saying that. >> 1984! >> you both look the same. >> we were just teenagers at the time the whole internship program. [ laughter ] we have definitely a chill in the air. we also have some light rain. let's fire it up. it's live, it's our high-def doppler radar picking up a little bit of green offshore right now. that is some light to moderate rainfall albeit virga. as it moves onshore to the point reyes area right there just outside of inverness, all of this is evaporating before it hits the land mass but we have a layer of clouds towards the bay bridge at this hour. mostly cloudy conditions. that is a good thing because if we had the clear skies, our
5:19 pm
temperatures would be tumbling even more rapidly. right now into the 40s and 50s. the winds are under 10 miles per hour. meanwhile, your new year's eve forecast, mostly cloudy skies, 38 degrees in santa rosa at midnight to the mid-40s in san francisco for the viewing of fireworks at the embarcadero. so here we go overnight tonight dipping below freezing many of the north bay communities upper 30s throughout san jose, the almaden valley and also in throughout saratoga and in sunnyvale. right about freezing, livermore, san ramon, dublin- pleasanton, walnut creek, clayton and concord. mostly cloudy tonight. a chill in the air. starting off cloudy for the first day of the new year and then sunshine and then a dry weather pattern. let me show you why. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area, banking up against the pacific northwest, falling apart very rapidly as it swirls over the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. so it's breaking in half under the influence of high pressure. the abundance of sunshine and we have a weather pattern change here. lots of sunshine but keep in mind we have a lot of that
5:20 pm
cool, dry air mass in place. it's getting settled very close to the surface so therefore, it's our very first winter "spare the air" day of the season for tomorrow. if you keep track of such things, this time last year we already had 11 of those days so not too bad. heading to the mountains, the high sierra, can we say -- brian, is there ever such a thing as too much powder? > no! >> they have a lot of powder there. don't forget the goggles wednesday and thursday. tomorrow 48 degrees in fairfield and in concord. 51 degrees in san francisco. low 50s common from mountain view to san jose. mid-50s for the warm spot in san jose. and in fact, as you take a good look at the extended forecast, that outside number really is santa rosa, cotati and in penngrove. otherwise we are talking about a side into the 50s. we're hitting near 670 degrees. when was the last time we said
5:21 pm
60 degrees around here? >> a heat wave. >> that's right. >> sounds good. >> love you, darling. good to see you again. see you at 6:00. awww [ laughter ] still ahead, it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. why the state's highest court says we ride at our own risk on one amusement park attraction. ,,,,,,,,,,
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ride the bumper cars at youn risk. and if you get hurt... you can't sue. rt well, you have been warned. ride the bumper cars at your own risk and if you get hurt, you can't sue. today the state supreme court ruled that a south bay doctor could not sue great america after she broke her wrist while riding the bumper cars. the court says that there is an assumption of risk on such rides. two federal investigators are heading to the site of a tour bus crash that killed nine people in eastern oregon. the ntsb is looking into the conditions on interstate 84 and the guardrail the tour bus crashed through yesterday morning. more than 40 people were aboard the bus headed from las vegas
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to vancouver, canada. the bus was carrying mostly exchange students from south korea. well, new york doctors say that secretary of state hillary clinton is making excellent progress in recovering from that blood clot. they also revealed that the close is in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. they say that she did not have a stroke, that she will remain in the hospital for at least another day. president clinton visited her today. that blood clot was found after she suffered a concussion earlier this month and that happened when she stumbled and fell while she was sick with a stomach virus. doctors are giving clinton blood-thinning drugs to dissolve the clock and prevent new once. >> cbs reporter bigad shaban on how the clots can form. reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton has a blood clot behind her right here in a vein between her brain and skull. clinton's doctors say her blood clot did not result in a stroke or neurological damage. >> this is something that's not affecting the brain tissue
5:25 pm
itself. having said that, it's the clot obstructed blood from draining out of her brain. her brain would swell and become damaged. >> reporter: doctors say it's key to stabilize the clot. they are treating it with blood thinners. >> it prevents that clot from getting larger. >> reporter: the 65-year-old suffered a concussion this month after she fell at home. she is also being monitored for other conditions related to her concussion. >> sometimes when people have a concussion, they have some pretty bad headaches. they can have dizziness and vertigo. >> reporter: depending on the severity of the concussion, symptoms can last a couple of weeks. clinton's doctors say she is in good spirits engaging with her family and staff and is making excellent progress. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
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you've been warned about drinking and driving... and drinking and biking... now d drinking and walking to the st. what's be coming up tonight at 6:00, you have been warned about drinking and driving and drinking and biking. now add drinking and walking to the list. what's behind a new warning from sfpd on this new year's eve. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. and because so many people are out and about tonight, weather is of primary importance. so what's coming up? >> saw some green on the screen. it's live, our high-def doppler radar. and we have plenty of precipitation off the coast right now but a lot of that is evaporating very rapidly as it bangs up right there against point reyes. you can see green, that is rain. no need for that umbrella.
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mostly cloudy skies. 38 to 45 degrees for tonight's celebration. >> thank you. captions by: caption colorado >> jarvis: tonig >> jarvis: tonight over the cliff with a possible parachute. congress is close to a new deal on taxes but won't meet the midnight deadline. nancy cordes and major garrett on what happens next. doctors are monitoring secretary of state hillary clinton who is in the hospital with a blood clot. reports from margaret brennan and jon lapook. mark strassman on a new technology that could stop deadly drunk driving accidents. >> the optical signature registers above .08, then the vehicle will prevent you from moving. >> jarvis: and with elephants under siege by poachers, m. sanjay meets a woman who has become a foster mother raising baby elephants until they can care for themselves. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" s

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